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Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Aliens are living among us!

A spacecraft carrying an envoy of Terra-reenactment enthusiasts from the Alpha Centauri System was on its way to visit Pennsic 50, but they didn't have the smoothest of landings! The ship has suffered catastrophic damages, and now the visitors are stranded here for the foreseeable future!

If you've encountered a tiny friend wearing a tag that led you here, well lucky you! You've been chosen to host one of the alien visitors until their people are able to send a rescue ship.

There are 50 of these friendly little folks lurking about in the public spaces at Pennsic looking for a new friend to live with. If you've been chosen we ask that you take a quick photo of your new Pal and post it to the comments* letting us know what number PennPal you were chosen by and where you encountered them!

*ETA: Due to the limitations of the Wix platform, blog visitors are required to login in order to leave a photo comment. My apologies; I was not aware of this limitation when I set up the site!

Please feel free to email me directly with your photo instead! Reference PennPals or aliens in your subject line and please remember to share your PennPal tag number and where you found them in the email!

The lovely Demeter [pictured above with Pal #10] reported the first PennPal found at Pennsic 50 on Sunday August 6th, and the reports continued to roll in from there! At present, 20 of 50 Pals have been reported found. If you know someone who discovered a Pal but hasn't messaged me yet, please encourage them to do so!

Check out the Photo Pallery page; it's been updated with all the photos and discovery information that you've shared with me so far!

Here are some fun facts about the Pals:

  • Most of the Pals were knit with two strands of yarn simultaneously to give each Pal a unique look.

  • 45 of the 50 Pals were knit by me, Aurora Nicola [Tammy Winters]. The other 5 were knit by my husband, Griffin Fraser [Brad Winters].

  • All but three Pals are knit with at least one strand of my own handspun yarn!

  • The majority of Pals are knit from wool or wool blends, with a small amount of acrylic thrown in occasionally.

  • All Pals are stuffed with yarn scraps and wool roving.

  • Pals are hand-washable in cold water with very gentle rubbing, if needed. To aid in drying, sandwich your damp Pal between two absorbent towels and apply gentle pressure to "blot" out moisture, then hang from the tag to fully dry.

  • All pals have high-quality safety eyes that were installed per the product instructions, but even safety eyes can be dislodged and pulled out. Exercise caution when allowing very small children to play with Pals!

Do you have any questions about the Pals? Feel free to comment or email me!

Thus far, 30 PennPals have made their way into the public spaces of Pennsic 50 to make new friends! Only 7 have been reported found thus far, so there are still plenty of opportunities to find a Pal of your own! Pals numbered 31 through 40 will be making their way around in the next day or so.

If you have already discovered a Pal and you spot another out in the wild, I respectfully request that you leave them for others to discover, or re-hide them in a Public Pennsic space for another to meet.

In whimsical service,

Aurora Nicola


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